The Origin

Guindulman in Perspective – The Origin

In the olden days, names of certain places were sometimes ascribed to some usual or common incidents or occurrences as the case of the town of Guindulman. The place was originally called “Guinduluman” hatched from a vernacular expression which means “something or somebody who is overtaken by darkness”

There is no official record to show how the town really got its name. However, the legend reveals that during the early part of the Spanish era in the Philippines, there were only two formally organized towns along the southeastern and eastern coastal boarders of Bohol, namely, Jagna and Butuanan which is now renamed Alicia. Being the only towns in those good old days, traders and even ordinary residents from each of these two places used to travel on foot either to Jagna or to Butuanan to transact business. Owing to the distance, travelers starting from either these towns in early morning were surely to be benighted or overtaken by darkness right in the specific place; hence the name “guinduluman”. However, because of the carefree attitude of the early inhabitants and the absence of official records, the name “Guinduluman” was later changed to the present name Guindulman. It is only regrettable to note that to note that nobody in the locality could ascertain the approximate date of its change. After all, the actual meaning of the given name does not alter.

It is even further said that the early condition of the area, itself, had something to contribute to the appropriateness of the term because the center of the town was once surrounded and almost entirely shaded by a dense forest which also made the town dark even during daytime. Travelers from other places passing through this thick forest could clearly observe its surrounding darkness because the sunlight could hardly penetrate through the thick foliage, thus causing darkness in the area at any time of the day. Such actual condition of the particular place, therefore, gave added significance to the created name. It should be noted that the term Guindulman is actually derived from the root word “dulom” or “du’om” in short which means dark.


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