Barangay Canhaway

Formerly this barrio was called “Catarman”. However, as years went through this name gave way to another name “Canhaway” which is existing name carried over to the present time. This is how the name “Canhaway” originated.

A fisherman from a neighboring places used to cast his net in a certain spot along the shore. Usually he had plenty of catch. When queried by other fishermen of the namne of his fishing place, he would answer in “Canawayan” which derived from “Canaway” the local name of the specie of bird. These white, sea-roving birds, after their flights from far-off places would come and rest on big tree locally called “bungawong” which one stood in that place. When the barrio was fully established, the people adopted the name “Canhaway”.

In its early years of establishment, Canhaway had only three sitios within its jurisdiction, namely; Cambarong, Canhaway, and Cambanog. Canhaway, being the official name of the barrio, had also been the name of a sitio. It was in that sitio where the big “bungawong” tree stood. The sitio Cambanog had been so named because hawks called “banog” in the local dialect were often seen by the people, feeding on earthworms in that place. Besides those three sitios, there were particular places ini each sitio which were givin other names.

The exact date of establishment of this barrio was not known. But by approximation, this barrio was established in about 1880, when the Spaniards by the name Don Damso came to the barrio and measured the boundaries and private lands already claimed.

The soil of Canhaway is classified as bolinao clay which characterized by brown reddish brown surface soil, granular and friable. It is culvated to rice, cassava, camote, ubi, mongo and coconuts. Its lands are devoted to agricultural production. It is one of the barrios that contributes the biggest part of open grasslands. Patches of land on steep slopes which are actually secondary growth forest are found in Canhaway. Cereals and root crops are the staple or main food of this barrio.


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