Barangay Cabantian

The present name of the barrio Cabantian had been derived from the word “bante”, a tree which was abundant in the place and is used as medicine. People from the neighborhood used to go to the place to avail themselves of this medicinal tree for it was nowhere to be found except in Cabantian. So, they called the place Cabantian which means abundant bante trees.

The barangay of Cabantian was established long before the coming of the Americans. It has a total land area of 287.50 hectares and composed of one sitio called Pangpang which is full of rocks. The place is inhabited by few people. It has a population of 921 more or less. This was in the year 1975 but it may be noted that before the coming of the Americans there were only six families coming from the town of Duero. If one can see the place, he will understand well the meaning of the place for “Pangpang” which means big and high rocks and caves which are actually found in said place.


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