Barangay Bulawan

Once upon a time, a lady on her way to the market saw a gold necklace hanged on a branch of a tree beside the river cliff. She glanced very well and she remembered a saying “Never get anything which does not belong to you”. Then she proceeded to market. She was thinking that the necklace belonged to the fairies. So, she called “Apo” to get it. Then she turned back to see the necklace but to her surprise, the necklace had already disappeared. This incident made her frightened.

In the same place, another man was gathering firewood. As he started cutting the woods he saw a big lizard with a small ball of gold in its mouth. The lizard went up the hill where the chapel of St. Vincent Ferrer was erected. When the chapel was completed the barrio people named it the chapel of St. Vincent Ferrer of Bulawan.

Bulawan was once a sitio of Catungawan. Formerly this was named Saguise. Then it became a barrio, Saguise was changed to Bulawan, in honor of St. Vincent Ferrer of Bulawan.

During the Spanish regime certain Spanish prior owned a track of land in barrio Bulawan. He had a small ranch of herds. He had given a wooden image of the “Holy Family”. This is celebrated every 6th of January which is the “Three Kings.”

Bulawan is a hilly place. A small portion of it is a plain. It has small road. The place is accessible to all kinds of land transportations.

There is a river called Tangohay. The Tangohay river draws fresh water from Lombog and emptying it into the salty Guindulman Bay. The old and new cemeteries are found in the said barrio.

The barrio had five sitios namely; Mangga Avenue, Pan-pan, Ka-Into, Cabaray and Dapanas.

The main producs are palay, camote, coconut, bananas, cassava, ubi, gabi, and corn.


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