Barangay Biabas 

Long ago, this barangay was considered a forest zone. The people of Ubay and Mabini used to pass through this place for their shortcut passage in going to Pilar and Candagas presently known as Seirra Bullones. They used to eat their meals under the shade of big guava tree where a cold spring was found and the foot of the said tree. As the time rolled on people come to live in this place. But some people from other places still continued to pass through this place. Once asked where they would eat their meals, they used to answer “in Biabas”. Hence the present name Biabas. The barangay has a total land area of 1,478 square meters and composed of three sitios.

It is bounded by mountains and rolling hilss with several creeks. It has a population of 903 people more or less. Most of them are farmers and few professionals. The important products that abound in said places are rice, corn, coconuts, bananas, coffee, camote, cassava, and abaca plants.



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