Beliefs and Superstition

Beliefs and superstition have grown in number throughout the various places. These beliefs have come from the different saying and superstitions of our ancestors that aim to prevent danger from happening or to make a person refrain from doing something in particular. These beliefs are part of our culture, for one derives their beliefs from the influences of what their customs, traditions and culture have dictated to explain certain phenomena or to put a scare in people. Some are practiced primarily because we believe that there is nothing to lose if they will comply with these beliefs. The following are some of the different superstitions.

  • Fishing
    Before the fish net is thrown into the sea, a glowing charcoal is placed in a container with some medicinal ingredients set over the burning coal to form a thick smoke. Then the fish net is suddenly lifted above the smoke with accompanying prayers being recited preferably “Apostles’ Creed”. It is believed that fish are attracted to the net thus ensuring a good catch.
  • Marriage
    1. Brides shouldn’t try on their wedding dress before the wedding day or the wedding will not push through.
    2. The one holding the candle whose light will be put out first is believed to die ahead of his/her partner.
    3. The bride or groom secretly tries to step on his/her partner’s foot so that she/he will not experience ill-treatment during their married life.
    4. Upon arrival at the house where the reception is to be held, rice grains are showered unto the couple at the doorway to wish them a life of plenty. This is followed by the combing of their hair of both parties, the bride and groom, to signify peace and harmony. Then the couple are made to drink water from the same glass with the belief that they will remain cool whenever disagreements arise.
  • Child bearing
    1. A pregnant woman is never allowed to go out during evenings without a piece of cloth or “bandana” to cover her head for fear of evil spirits who might happen to smell the fetus inside her womb.
    2. When a woman labors, she is made the “monkeys’ belt” to ensure fast and easy delivery of the baby.
  • Death
    1. When a dead person is still lying in state in the house, sweeping of the floor is not to be allowed. The dirt of any kind including pieces of paper are just picked up and gathered in the corner. This is done so as not to drive away spirit of the dead person.
    2. When the coffin is to be brought down from the house for final church services, the coffin is lifted up to the level off the shoulders of the men carrying it for the members of the family to pass under the coffin. This is done so that the spirit of the dead will not come back any more to get/invite any of the members of the family to die with him/her.
  • Building a house
    1. A first post is to be erected at early dawn to insure peace among the members of the household.
    2. Pieces of coins are buried underneath the post to insure a life of plenty.
    3. When a family transfers to a new house, it is done at early dawn to have peace in the house all the time.


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