basdioBasdio is a place along the sea. Almost all people living in this place are fishermen. They gather seashells, corals and catch fish. Their means of living are practically taken from the sea. Actually the seashore is irregular because of the rocky cliffs. There is scarcity of sand in the seashore. Hence the present name Basdio is derived from the Visayan term “Bas-dijo” meaning only a little amount of sand is available at the shorelines of the place.

Long before, barrio Basdio’s common crops were corn, coconuts, bananas, yams, ubi, and tobacco. Their sea products were fish which they caught with their crude fish traps and hook lines. Variety of seashells can be found abundantly when the tides were low. These land and sea products constituted mainly their food. Added to these, they also raised livestock such as chickens, pigs, and carabaos. Whatever excess they had out of these products were brought to the neighboring barrios to barter or trade for rice – a commodity which the barrio did not raise.


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